Senate Bills

  • SB 237-Calderon [D]
    Topic: HS Diplomas: Retroactive Diplomas: Veterans
    Disposition: Hearing cancelled at request of author. Dead for 2013 session.
    Position: Support
  • SB 276-Roth [D]
    Topic: Public Contracts: SB Contracts
    Disposition: Held in Sen Approp Committee. Dead for 2013 session.
    Position: Support
  • SB 297-Roth [D]
    Topic: Public Contracts: Disabled Veterans
    Disposition: Hearing cancelled at request of author. Dead for 2013 session.
    Position: Support
  • SB 437-Berryhill T [R]
    Topic: Disabled Veterans: Contracting Preferences
    Disposition: Dead for 2013 session.
    Position: Watch
  • SB 440-Padilla [D]
    Topic: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act
    Disposition: Chaptered
    Position; Support
  • SB 785-Wolk.... Topic: Design-Build.... Consolidates and strengthens existing Design-Build statutes folded into a single statute for use by public agencies. This bill is quite important as it resets Design-Build boilerplate language.
    Status: Ordered to Senate Inactive file file, as per Senator Wolk on 03 Sept 2013. Said bill is upon a two-year track to allow municipalities, counties and etc time to review the new base-line language regarding all future D-B's.
  • SB 323-Lara.... Topic: Tax exemp12tions: Prohibited discrimination.
    Would have pulled tax-exemption from organizations... e.g., Boy Scouts of America, Boys & Girls Clubs and etc.
    Previous status: 22 Aug Read second time. Ordered to third ASM reading.
    Current status: Ordered to Inactive File by ASM Eggman... on 12 Sept 2013.
    My POV: Thank goodness....
  • SB 328-Knight.... Topic: Counties: Public Works Contracts.... Construction Manager at risk.... Authorizes and sets out conditions under which counties can utilize "CM at Risk" procurement.
    Previous status: 30 Aug... ASM amendments concurred with (Ayes 38 Noes 0) Ordered to engrossing & enrolling.
    Current status: Chaptered on 03 Oct 2013. Now law of the land.
  • SB 594-Hill [D]
    Topic: Use of Public Resources
    Disposition: Chaptered
    Non-profits to publicly post campaign contributions listing specific firms or individuals.
    Position: Oppose
  • SB 719-Correa [D]
    Topic: DVBE Program Reports
    Disposition: Held under submission within ASM Approp Committee.
    Position: Support
    Dead for 2013 session.
  • SB 723-Correa [D]
    Topic: Veterans
    Disposition: Awaiting Gov's decision.
    Position: Watch
  • SB 733-Block.... Re: State contracts affecting DVBE's statewide participation goals Business Utilization Plan or BUP value. Specifies that the statewide participation goal for DVBE's may be met through a BUP partner which is certified by Department of General Services or DGS.
    Status: Hearing cancelled at request of author... on 05 Aug 2013. Finished for this current legislative session.
  • SB 502-Block Re: University of California... bidding requirements. Raises the threshold for informal bidding from $100k to $600k. UC shall solicit written bids and award the work to the lowest responsible bidder.
    Status: Hearing cancelled at request of author... on 14 Aug 2013. Fini for this current legislative session.
  • SB 262-Monning Re: Contractor: Licensed Qualifier. Establishes specific criteria in which a qualifier for a construction company shall meet and creates a misdemeanor violation for those not meeting the prescribed definition.
    Status: Chaptered on 27 Aug 2013. Now... Law of the Land.
  • II. Some of the most important bills just signed into the law of the land by our Gov... of which primarily affect CA-resident OIF/OEF veterans:
  • Note bene: Our good Gov is totally devoted to assisting veterans just DEROSing or separating from service as DS/OIF &/or OEF vets.
  • SB 1413-Negrete Re: AG/Attorney General.... Support Programs
    Allows the AG to establish support programs, acquire facilities and solicit plus accept donations to benefit mil personnel and their immediate families.
  • AB 2371-Butler Re: Veterans.... Criminal defendants, mental health issues plus restorative relief.
    Provides restorative relief  to a veteran defendant of whom acquires a criminal record due to a mental disorder stemming from mil service.
  • AB 2490-Butler Re: Veterans.... Correctional counselors.
    Requires CDC&R or CA Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation to develop policies to assist veteran inmates in pursuing veterans benefits.
  • AB 342-Atkins Re: Office of Planning & Research or OPR
    Designates Gov's OPR to serve as State Liaison with DOD.
  • SB 1198-Calderon Re: Homeless Veterans
    Requires CalVet to provide all veterans with information about Federal veteran pensions, Federal housing vouchures plus CalFresh or aka: Food Stamps.
  • TBC... to be continued.... 

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