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How Veterans Can Potentially Avoid Auto Accidents

As a former auto race driver plus driving truck and riding motorcycles for over a million miles without any accidents... knocking on wood... perhaps there's a way to steer clear of practically all car accidents.... gosh, let's see how that could possibly be done:

Well, first let's look at your vehicle... whether it's an SUV, car, minivan, truck or motorcycle.

Do your tires still have plenty of tread on them? If not don't go over 55 mph before you replace those.... COSTCO or other outfits will usually check your tire pressures for free on a monthly basis. This is quite important for your safety.

Is your windshield plus every other window also clean inside and out and not all or even partially fogged up? If not you can't expect to be able to see oncoming, side and following traffic adequately. You would just be asking for at least a fender-bender or much worse.... For those contending with ice and snow it's even vastly more crucial.

OBTW... 90% of the cars and trucks here drive around in "hermetically-sealed compartments..." i.e., with the windows and sunroofs all rolled up... plus with the radio on &/or texting with their phones.... And you wonder why they get into accidents? Well, we sure don't do we.... I always drive with the driver's side window, or the top down or sunroof open... that way you can hear emergency vehicles coming or whatever... it's called enhancing your situational awareness... e.g., to stay alive to see another day.

Speaking of traffic here in Orange and LA Counties... which is just about the worst in the world, so I always take the hot or number one lane or number two lane... why? Because that way you don't have that many people passing you.... Travel or go with the flow.... However, I usually try to stay ahead of the pack and especially steer clear of semi-truck and trailer combos.... Why? Because when I was driving a Reefer/refrigerator truck there were always blind-spots that prevent us from seeing any of you guys at all.

Oh, about sunglasses... never wear them if they are tinted very dark... why? Well, try a pair that have just a light smoke tint with polarized lenses plus UVA, B and C protection... you'll discover that your reaction times in avoiding accidents probably improve markedly. Primarily because dark tints slow down light transfer... want proof? Go ahead and put them to the test.

I've actually been using Decot Sport Glasses for over twenty years for the road, for sailing, for trap and skeet... and while I was across the pond in the EU, June 2019.... 

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