Assembly Bills

California Legislation currently pending within the hopper or Chaptered/Enacted
Assembly Bills

AB 13-Chavez & Quirk-Silva (Principal co-author: Sen Block) (Co-authors: Huff, Hueso, Wyland & Grove).
Topic: Non-resident tuition exemptions: Veterans.
Previous status: Read second time & amended.
Current status: Re-referred to Rules.
Position: Support

AB 44-Buchanan Re: Public Contracts
Requires subcontractors license numbers to be listed upon all bids promulgated to public agencies.
Previous status: Enrolled and sent to Gov's desk.
Current status: Chaptered on 09 Sept 2013. Now Law of the Land....
Note bene: AGC of California opposed said bill until it was amended to kick-in on 01 July 2014 plus another addendum for a GC or general contractor to correct a mistake in the license number without risking a bid-protest or non-responsive bid/NRB.
Note bene: NRB's are a cudgel to hold over the heads of GC's if they contemplate making a deliberate error within the sub's license number.

AB 151-Olsen.... Topic: Disabled veterans: Assistance.
Authorizes County assistance to disabled veterans.
Status: Chaptered

AB 173-Weber [D]
Topic: Postsecondary Education: Small Business Procurement
Position: Support
Status: Chaptered
Re: Contracts awarded to SB's w/o competitive bidding requirements.

AB 195-Hall  Re: Counties: Design-Build
Status: Chaptered. Authorizes counties to use Design-Build for bidding upon construction projects in excess of $2.5 million... sunsetting on 01 July 2020.

AB 213-Logue [R]
Topic: Healing Arts: Certification: Mil experience
Position: Support
Disposition: Held under submission.

AB 366-Holden [D].... Topic: Women, Minority & DVBE's
Position: Watch
Status: Hearing cancelled at request of author.

AB 372-Eggman [D].... Topic: Civil Service: Veterans Preference in Hiring
Position: Support
Status: Chaptered.

AB 660-Nazarian [D]
Topic: Veterans: Postsecondary Education.
Disposition: Dead for 2013 session.

AB 704-Blumenfield [D]
Topic: Emergency Medical Service: Mil Experience
Disposition: Vetoed by Gov
Position: Support

AB 705-Blumenfield [D]
Topic: "Combat-to-Care Act...."
Disposition: Held under submission.

AB 733-Mansoor [R]
Topic: Community Colleges: Credit for Mil Training.
Disposition: Hearing cancelled at request of author.

AB 769-Block [D]
Topic: Veterans: Criminal Defendants
Disposition: Chaptered
Position: Neutral

AB 859-Gomez [D]
Topic: Professions & Vocations: Mil Medical Personnel
Disposition: Dead for 2013 session.
Position: Watch

AB 955-Williams [D]
Topic: Community Colleges: Intersession Extension Programs
Disposition: Chaptered
Extension courses for summer & winter intersessions.

AB1098-Quirk-Silva.... Topic: Office of Small Business Advocate: regulations: report.
Previous status: 30 Aug 2013.... In Senate Appropriations Committee: Held under submission.
Recent previous status: Re-referred to Rules Committee on 09 Sept 2013.
Current status: Has been totally gutted and amended to a completely different topic.
AB 1098-Gray.... New topic: Attorneys.... Practice of Law.... Revision of Business & Professions Code section 6126.10.
Dead for 2013 session.

AB 1236-Hagman.... Topic: Contractors- Limited Liability Corporations.
Chaptered. Permits liability insurance policies required for construction, LLC's may also be written by an eligible 'surplus-lines' insurer. Note bene: Previous bill allows LLC's to be licensed contractors. Was a two-year bill.

AB 1410-ASM Veterans Affairs Committee
Topic: Courts-Martial Appellate Panel
Disposition: Chaptered
Position: Watch... regarding said panel's implementation.

ACR 36-Atkins [D] ASM Concurrent Resolution
Topic: Veterans Treatment Courts & Review Calendars
Disposition: Adopted
Position: Support

AB 2462-Block Re: Public post-secondary education... academic credit for prior military academic experience.
Requires Chancellor of California Community Colleges or CCC to determine which courses should be awarded credit for prior military academic credit for prior mil academic experience utilizing standards of the American Council on Education or ACE.

AB 2133-Blumenfield Re: Veterans... Priority Registration.
Increases from four to fifteen the number of years after leaving active-duty in which a veteran of whom is a resident of California is eligible for priority registration for enrolling within classes at CCC, CSU and UC.

AB 2478-Hayashi Re: Student residency requirements... Expands the current exemption provided to veterans from paying non-resident tuition at CCC by one year, as specified.

AB 2659-Blumenfield.... Regarding vehicles: Driver's Licenses.
Allows licensed drivers of mil commercial vehicles to qualify for a California Commercial Drivers License without additional California driving tests.