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Zweifel Associates

As an area of potential interest, for over fifteen years our firm has represented several DVBE and SBE or Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise firms at our State capitol.  

This consultancy specializes within the following areas of concern... SDVOSB's or Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, DVBE's, SBE's plus DBE's or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise legislative matters... primarily related to State government construction contracts vis a' vis with Department of General Services, California Department of Education, California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, CalTrans plus other government agencies.   

As this is our cause celebre' we thereby wish to flesh out the firm's goals or objectives plus mission statement.  

Primary Mission Statement 


1.} To assist veterans with PTSD and or TBI afflictions... and to provide several alternatives to same... namely USDVA's VA Hospital care plus other additional viable options which may be of tentative interest.


2.) To provide our firm's particular stance regarding federal and state legislation which are presently coming down the pike... plus which have been previously enacted... as it pertains to veteran's issues having to do with SDVOSB or DVBE AOC's/Areas of Concern... plus other outstanding matters of great import potentially detrimental... and on the other hand particularly beneficial to our aforementioned vets and small business entrepreneurs.


3.) To encourage academic credit for Armed Forces service-branch related schooling... and especially regarding their pertinent OJT during deployment within OIF, OEF and etc.  

As a recent pro bono DVBE consultant to Governor's Interagency Council on Veterans [Affairs] or 'Gov's ICV...' and ex-officio committee advocate upon Legal, Education and Employment Work Groups, we hereby state that one of our primary missions was to encourage the vast majority of post-secondary school administrators... of which are upon UC, CSU plus CCC or California Community College district levels within our fair State, to seek special preferential treatment for fully deserving combat and DS/OIF/OEF-era veterans.  

The mission of which is to deliberate upon a reasonable accommodation or a practical allowance regarding consideration of academic credit for Desert Storm, Op Iraqi Freedom and Op Enduring Freedom veterans for their MOS' or Military Occupational Specializations, which are also related to their OJT... as previously stated. And in addition to potentially include previous in-house mil service-branch MOS school education, plus of course to promulgate a fair and reasonable equivalency transfer when it comes time to begin his or her college education as a civilian &/or as a stateside Reservist.


4.) As we do contend... that whereas it is incumbent upon us to tackle one particular case in point, to wit:  

The ostensibly intrinsic and innate reluctance of some UC, CSU plus CCC nursing schools within California and elsewhere to enable and accommodate as an exceedingly cogent example,  "68W's or 68-Whiskey's," aka: "Army Combat Medics...." plus Navy Corpsmen.   

Our mission of which is to encourage transfer of most if not all regarding their oftentimes considerable training and combat triage experience into Para-Medic, LVN, RN, PA or Physician's Assistant, NP or Nurse Practitioner certification disciplines.... Even though they were initially trained as "EMT-B's" or Emergency Medical Technician-B or entry-level EMT's... i.e., before the fact or pre-deployment service-branch schooling. However, elective credit is frequently the only allowable criteria of acceptance. GE or General Education  credit requirements, on the other hand are more often than naught, not satisfied nor countenanced by the aforementioned administrators....


5.) The "American Council on Education," or 'ACE' has a splendid international reputation and is devoted to recommending workplace learning transferability to post-secondary schools, which were of course outside of academe's curricula. However, some post-secondary schools only utilize the above merely as a guideline and therefore unfortunately plus frequently ignore ACE's superlative rule of thumb, in toto....  

Note bene: On the other hand, many institutions of higher learning tend to generally follow recommended ACE criteria, but as mentioned previously, that is not the case for all of said schools. And therefore yours truly does hereby categorically state that the aforementioned issue shall be and subsequently is, one of our primary objectives or principle concerns.


6.) Regarding DOD's "Transitional Assistance Program" or TAP/TGPS or Transitions, Goals, Plans & Success. Yours truly was recently on the "CAL TAP" Subcommittee within the Gov's ICV. However, DOD's objective of which is to augment the new 'TGPS,' which currently consists of usually a five-day mandatory workshop for separating service members under "VOWA" or Veterans Opportunity to Work Act. TGPS is defined as a partnership between DOD, DOL/Department of Labor and USDVA/US Department of Veterans Affairs. Said program covers benefits, entitlements plus services available to veterans upon a federal level.  

However, in regards to previously California-resident vets, CALTAP's objective shall be to work potentially in-concert with "EDD" or California Employment Development Department's 'One-Stop Shops' throughout our fair State. Said program shall be applicable to service members which previously resided within the aforementioned or have currently decided to... and therefore are most assuredly intended to augment not take the place of DOD's TGPS.  

There are also in addition, a number of benefits from CDVA or California Department of Veterans Affairs. The 'CALVET' program shall be addressed within CAL-TAP... and  to enable combat veterans which may have had brushes with local law enforcement to potentially select VTC or Veterans Treatment Court... aka: Combat Veterans Rehabilitation Court if applicable, regarding a rehabilitation track rather than the conventional correctional track. 

However, that is if they are willing to jump through all the necessary hoops... which usually consists of a stringent 18-month rehab program. With expungement as an end result.  

Note bene: Yours truly was honored to be upon Orange County Superior Court Judge Wendy Lindley's initial steering committee, which assisted in hammering out the first VTC west of the Mississippi. 

Note: Said jurist retired as presiding judge over the VTC program... on 31 Dec 2013.  

On another note of potential interest.... Several years ago yours truly was invited to come aboard Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base CG, Brig Gen Jim Combs' steering committee briefly to ascertain the feasibility of setting up a screening committee to assess every one of the approximately 3,000 OIF/OEF vets/month DEROSing or separating  and disembarking from flights to said airfield at the time... e.g., circa 2006. General Combs subsequently stated to us that, 

"Our screening committee found that over 60% of all vets returning had varying degrees of PTSD &/or TBI...."  

 Note bene: To reiterate, tentatively proposed pending launch date regarding CDVA's CAL-TAP is projected to be launched around the summer of 2016... i.e., as a tentative timeframe.