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 This site is devoted to Zweifel especially veterans that have experienced debilitating and traumatizing physical wounds... including emotional wounds....

The principal of which is...  

Donald E Zweifel  

Sole proprietor  

Office: 1227 Evergreen Ave., Suite J-3  

Fullerton CA 92835.  

Ph: (714) 203-4576 



   Our site is devoted to assisting veterans of whom either have PTSD &/or TBI and that have returned or are returning veterans from OEF-A/Op Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan.... Plus especially including DS/Desert Storm, OIF/Op Iraqi Freedom veterans.

And those of you of which may also wish to potentially consider beginning a business or perhaps enter a professional career-track. Plus seek academic credit for their MOS or military occupational specialization training and consequent OJT experience.

Veteran rehabilitation &/or mentoring is of course our primary emphasis and our principle objective or sine qua non... i.e.,  absolutely indispensable or essential....


The following is a brief summation of what yours truly has considered to potentially be qualifications to mentor our beloved veterans:

 + Chaplain, AMVETS Department of California, Hal Camp Orange County Post 18.

+ Elder, Church of Jesus Christ, Latter-Day Saints, Fullerton Stake, Euclid Ward. 1982-

+ Chief consultant, co-founder... Paving Net Contractor & Supply, Inc. DVBE/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise-owned.  At 216 The Promenade N., Suite 304, Long Beach, CA 90802... 1998-

+ Chief consultant, co-founder... Compliance News Co., sister company to PN Contractor & Supply, Inc., 1998-  Both firms co-owned by DVBE entrepreneur, Henry W. Sprague III, CEO....  

+ President, South Coast Exotic Cars, Inc., Orange CA 1973-1993. Member, IADA/Independent Automobile Dealers Association.   Hired, plus attempted to rehabilitate through work... numerous VN vets with PTSD &/or TBI. 

We had imported, exported, restored, raced and serviced plus with sales of European historic, vintage and special interest cars... namely and usually our client's Jaguar's, Bentley's, Aston Martin's, Maserati's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's plus Bimmer's, Merc's and etc.

Yours truly restored and raced a D-Type Le Mans Jaguar XKD-531 in the 1979 "LA Times Grand Prix for Historic Sports Cars," 22 April 1979.  Featured upon LA Times' front page, Sports Section, Sun 23 April '79.  Restored and raced 1966 Jaguar E-Type 'WOO-II' during 1981 LA Times GP for Historic Sports Cars, April 1981. All at Riverside International Raceway, CA.  

+ Former pro bono consultant to, 'Governor's Interagency Council for Veterans [Affairs].' Which was affiliated with Legal, Educational, Employment and Health Working Groups. Which initially meant to include "CAL-TAP" or California Transitional Assistance Program's potentially pending launch.

Note bene: The Federal 'TAP' was recently re-designated as,"Transition, Goals, Plans & Success" or the "TGPS" program... and our State's program had been scheduled to augment that presentation upon the  CALVET level. Gov's Interagency Council for Veterans [Affairs] was only in existence  from  2012-2016.

Note bene: However, Gov's Interagency Council for Veterans [Affairs] was unfortunately sun-setted on 01 July 2016 by our past Governor, Jerry Brown... a major travesty... i.e., in my humble opinion....  

+ Legislative Advocate.... Registered with California Secretary of State's PRD or Political Reform Division, 2001-2015.

+ Registered Legislative Advocate, State of Oklahoma. Representing 'Seminole Wildlife Preserve,' Maud, OK... 2017-  

+ Associate member, Orange County Bar Association... with emphasis upon Construction Law & Business Litigation, 2013-2014 

+ Note bene: Our son, Phillip M Zweifel was graduated from Trinity U School of Law, with a Juris Doctorate degree... on 16 May 2015. Plus my dear wife of 43 years and his beloved mother... passed from this earth on 02 June 2015.  

+ Member, Reserve Officers Association, California Department of Golden West, Orange County Chapter 37... as Chair, JROTC Affairs... 2009- 

Currently present awards to all 19  JROTC units within OC from:

+ ROA/Reserve Officers Association,

+ MOWW/Military Order of World Wars.

+ MOAA/Military Officers Association of America,

+ AMVETS... [as life member].

+ AFA/Air Force Association, [as life member]

All awards are presented to 19 JROTC HS units within OC plus CSU-Fullerton's Titan Bn Army ROTC every year... e.g., for about the last 25+ years.

+ Currently KIWANIS International Key Club Advisor to  Santa Ana Club's Key Club at Century HS... SAUSD...  2018-

+ CSMR/California State Military Reserve,  Military Heritage Command-South's  Admin clerk . Honorable Discharge: 04 Mar 2017  JFTB/Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos CA.  CSMR backs-up CANG/California Army National Guard and Air Guard... i.e., inclusive of all CANG and Air Guard units within State of California during times of national &/or statewide emergencies &/or during wartime.... Plus we have been  periodically activated as 'SAD' or State Active-Duty employees.  

+ Member, Board of Directors, Kiwanis International, Santa Ana Club.. 2018-

+ Member, Department of California Resolutions Committee, AMVETS... 2013-2016  

+ Member, National Legislative Task Force, AMVETS... 2011-2016  

+ Past Co-Chair, 2003-2013... plus founding charter member... former MCAS Tustin Restoration Advisory Board... i.e., since 1994... my counterpart of which was, Jim Callian, PG/Professional Geologist, BRAC Environmental Coordinator.... NAVFACECmd-SW  or Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest, US Navy. 1994-  

+ Founding charter member & current co-chair, 2018-

Regarding  former MCAS El Toro Restoration Advisory Board... 1993-  

+ Radio Amateur... General-Class... KI6ZKB, 1999-

 Go to <>  

+ Member, ARC-Orange County Chapter.... DST/Disaster Services Technology... as pro bono Communications/Logistics specialist.  And ARC-OC DST former Communications Trailer Lead.  

Presently on task force to determine which of the 241 schools, churches plus community centers are capable of being transformed into Mass-Care Shelters in the event of a local catastrophe.

+ Member, Orange County Veterans & Military Families Collaborative: Legal plus PR Committees. 2016-  

+ Past President, Gen Jimmy Doolittle Chapter 121, Air Force Association... Santa Monica, CA. Active 1982-2008  

+ Retired senior member... Civil Air Patrol/USAF Aux... Asst Transportation Off... CAWG/California Wing HQ, Group VII Personnel Off...  Squadron Personnel Off... 1953-1959 as Cadet Comm Off. Sqn 73 Senior Comm Off... 1962-1967. CAWG Wing HQ Maintenance Off. 1990-2002. Appointed MLO/Moral Leadership Off... in June 2001... by National Staff Chaplain, National HQ, Maxwell AFB.  

+ ADC/Assistant District Commissioner, Los Amigos District, Orange County Council, BSA... 2009-2013. Wood Badge  honor... Spring 2011.

+ Currently Merit Badge Counselor, Los Amigos District, Orange County Council, BSA, 2010-  

+ Life member Air Force Association, 2003-  

+ Life member AMVETS, 2013-  

+ Life member, US Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, 1989-  

+ Logistics Coach, US Sailing Team, Development... i.e., applicable to Finn Olympic-class, single-handed, mono-hull sailing vessels... e.g., specifically regarding World Finn Grand Master & Legend Champion, Henry Sprague III. He participated in 1964 Tokyo Olympics... plus was under possible consideration as an Alternate to 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, Aug. 2016... i.e., as he would have been the oldest participant in the Games at the young age of 70....  

+ Historic Aviation Restoration Technician.... Assisted with restoration of Rolls-Royce Merlin engine on 1943 North American P-5!D Mustang... i.e., John Marlin's 'Daydreamer II' which participated in Reno Air Races during the 80's.  Flew back-seat in 1987. 

+ Assisted with some of the recent restoration regarding Planes of Fame Air Museum's  Messerschmitt Bf-109G-2 or 'Gustav... with 1600HP R-R Merlin engine...Hispano Aviation, HA-1112 'Buchon...' ex-Spanish Air Force: 239 manufactured.... In operational service from 1954 to 1965. 

+Student Pilot...via FAA: 1989

+ Listed within:

"Who's Who in America..." 1998- 

"Who's Who in the World..." 2005-  

"Who's Who in Business & Finance..." 2006- 


Military Order of World Wars award: "For outstanding service to Veterans, High School JROTC cadets and MOWW. It is with grateful appreciation that we recognize all you have accomplished and support you have rendered to ensure that those in need and those who merit recognition are assisted and recognized. You have earned our respect by your selfless devotion to duty."

Presented by: LTC 'Tex' Wandke, US Army Ret DSC/Distinguished Service Cross. Plus former SAI/Sr Army Instructor, AJROTC Santiago HS, Garden Grove CA. Plus former SAI at Franklin HS AJROTC. Los Angeles.

California AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION's Exceptional Service Award, 1988. CAFA's Meritorious Service Award, 1988.

California State Assembly's Certificate of Recognition: For exemplary participation on Restoration Advisory Boards regarding former MCAS El Toro plus former MCAS Tustin... 23 Oct 2001.

For Sustained Meritorious Service, Restoration Advisory Boards upon former MCAS El Toro & former MCAS Tustin. By John Campbell, Member of the Assembly... 71st Assembly District... 21 March 2001.... 

Orange County Walk of Honor adjacent to OC Board of Supervisors at Santa Ana Civic Center.
As site super with Paving Net Contractor & Supply Co. DVBE at job site in 2003... constructing
OC Medal of Honor recipient monoliths to commemorate our honored veteran heroes.

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